Advisory board

As one of the first actions for CO2 brains we would like to assemble an advisory board of scientist, experts and other interested parties.

If you feel a calling to participate in this endeavor, please contact me: daniel[at]co2brains[dot]org .

Welcome to CO2 Brains

On this site we will try to add a new dimension to the discussion about increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. The focus here will be on the effect that increased CO2 levels have on the individual.

Most of us  know the effect of bad air in meeting rooms and class rooms. You get tired and less alert.  Just quickly opening a window will remedy the effect of the bad air. This bad air is directly connected to the level of CO2 in the room, due to insufficient ventilation.

Not only do higher levels CO2 make you drowsier, they also increase the risk of headaches, give people with allergies a harder time and even decrease our capabilities of strategic and innovative thinking.

But how will we solve this problem when the CO2 level of the atmosphere is much higher?

We can already today see this problem in cities which at times have weather conditions that cause bad air. During periods, the CO2 level in some cities can rise to 2 or 3 times the current normal CO2 level. Currently there are no commercially available solutions  which can reduce the CO2 level in buildings to below the atmospheric CO2 level.

On this site we will focus on 3 sides of this problem:

  1. Educate the general population on the effect that increasing CO2 levels have on individuals
  2. Have experts discuss problems and come up with possible solutions, both for the near and long term future
  3. If possible help entrepreneurs that want to work on solutions within this field, to find knowledge, partners and potentially funding